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Mercator XXI, LLC is a leading professional services firm helping public and private companies, governments, and NGOs navigate today’s shifting global economy. Find out how we can help you gain greater global insights and execute for success.

About Mercator XXI, LLC

The global economy continues to integrate and experience rapid change. Technology is transforming business models. Public policy is creating and reshaping markets. New consumer attitudes and capabilities are demanding higher value and more personalized services and products. For many organizations, this makes competing across borders and across cultures increasingly difficult. Mercator XXI was founded to help leaders move to the future with efficiency, integrity, and impact.

Mercator XXI and its affiliates have business and personal experience in more than 100 countries around the world.

Our Services

Leveraging decades of experience, we partner with you to help execute solutions that achieve your global objectives.

Government Relations and Public Policy

All governments impact businesses in positive and negative ways. Understand how to execute and achieve outcomes from public policies that matter to your organization.

Market Access and Market Research

Physical and digital markets require knowledge and expertise to enter and exit. Acquire the answers to the most pressing questions shaping your market access success.

Innovation-Driven Economic Development

Economic growth more than ever is driven by innovation policy and investment. Understand how to shape and benefit from this reality.

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

Society and community stakeholders are shaping the behavior of organizations, public and private. Developing a strategic plan to embrace this situation can accelerate your success.

Mercator Man smiling at woman
Mercator Man smiling at woman


Experience. Innovation. Integrity. With 35+ years of global marketplace experience working across every hemisphere, the Mercator XXI leadership team is uniquely equipped to help organizations navigate and execute within the global economy. Meet our team.

Our Clients

Mercator XXI works with leading organizations to help them understand the 21st century global economy and achieve their growth and operational objectives.


Discover recent news and press, explore our latest research and read exclusive commentary from the Mercator XXI team.

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Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve results and gain advantage in today’s global marketplace.

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