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Government Relations
and Public Policy

Governments around the world are being given permission by their citizens to address the dramatically changing economic conditions. In addition to its traditional roles as public policy maker, regulator, and purchaser, governments have increasingly become investors, conservators, managing principals, and brand overseers. Organizations that once controlled their brand identity, management systems, and operational strategies now have greatly reduced freedom of action.

We help you develop and execute government relations and public policy strategies that engage the global economy and deal with governments’ influence by addressing three specific areas:


How will you achieve your goals given the heavy presence of government in economic and societal affairs?

Organization building

Do you have the right organizational structure to operate in a truly global way? Are you organized around a multinational model or a globally integrated model?

Leadership development

Do you have the right leadership model for your organization? Are you developing truly global leaders?

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Market Access
and Market Research

There has been a rebalancing of economic assets around the world. The debtor nations of the 20th century are increasingly the fastest growing markets of the 21st century. While there are new opportunities in the marketplace, many organizations are having trouble getting integrated into new distribution systems.

In order for globalization to have a positive effect on economies at all levels, companies need to find ways to integrate themselves into these new markets. Organizations must not only be aligned with these national agendas, but relevant to them if they are going to access these new and different growth opportunities. This is true for developed and developing countries. At Mercator XXI, we will help you see and understand these new growth patterns and execute strategies to take advantage of them.

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Economic Development

In the 21st century, innovation is essential for success. Whether you are a government or private sector leader concerned about economic development, differentiating your country, community, and company is key to winning market share in the global economy. In today’s integrated economy, there are just too many choices for investors, buyers, and individual consumers for anyone to rest on the belief that a successful past will continue to produce a successful future.

Human talent, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, and contemporary infrastructures have become the key metrics in attracting investment in the 21st century. Our experts will help you devise and execute economic development plans that leverage the key attributes of the innovation economy.

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Strategic Corporate
Social Responsibility

The dynamics of the global economy pressure companies to create business value in globally efficient ways. Transparency requires organizations to care about their “Reputational Quality.” In an era of globalization and increased transparency, the new opportunity for business is to create shared value that addresses societal needs. Successful companies that meet this expectation gain market access, management freedom of action, and “top line” growth.

Mercator XXI’s Strategic CSR platform places societal needs at the center of a CSR strategy. We then match those needs to the needs of the business. As we highlight the serious issues across the globe, our experience teaches us that the expertise, resources and talent within a business positions it to understand these problems and implement adaptive solutions. Strategic CSR fills the gap between business value and reputational quality.

Our Strategic CSR Services:

Audit and

Strategy Planning
& Development


Sales Support
and Revenue

Governance and Reputation Management

and Training

Relations and Public Policy Support

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