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for the Global Economy

We founded Mercator XXI to help organizations gain a competitive edge in an evolving global economy. Learn more about our mission and why we’re committed to helping our clients reach their full potential.

The Mercator XXI


The global economy of the 21st century presents new opportunities and challenges for organizations. Innovative approaches are required to seize the benefits of today’s integrated economy. At Mercator XXI, we believe that organizations have the power to realize untapped opportunities across the globe. As a leading professional services firm, our mission is to be a true partner with our clients—empowering them with the information, context, and guidance to make smarter decisions and reach their global business objectives.

Why Mercator XXI

From our unique global experience to our innovative approach, there is no shortage of reasons to work with our accomplished team.

Decades of global professional experience
Collaborative approach, acting as an extension of our clients’ teams
Experience working across all hemispheres
Data-driven methodology based on the latest research, trends, and best practices
We’re subject matter experts — we don’t just compile insights, we produce them
Focus on actionable insight to help organizations make a tangible, lasting impact

Behind the Name

Gerardus Mercator (March 5, 1512 – December 2, 1594) is remembered for the Mercator projection world map. The Mercator projection is a cylindrical map projection that became the standard map for nautical purposes due to its ability to represent lines of constant course.

The development of the Mercator projection represented a major breakthrough in the nautical cartography of the 16th century. At Mercator XXI, we strive to bring this same level of innovation and creativity to today’s global marketplace.

We Serve

Public and private companies



Our Team

Impact starts with insight. The Mercator XXI team is comprised of global economy experts, strategists, researchers, thought leaders, and consultants, all with years of experience helping organizations seize global opportunities and move their mission forward.
Get to know the team you’ll be working with. 

How can we help?

Finding success in a changing global economy doesn’t have to be complicated. Our team has the necessary expertise to help your organization identify market trends, capitalize on opportunities, and develop a winning strategy. Contact our team to learn more about our services.