Mutsuya Asano

Mutsuya Asano joined Mercator XXI, LLC in October 2011 as a Japan affiliate. He is located in Tokyo and executes our organization’s objectives to engage the global economy.

Prior to joining Mercator XXI, Mr. Asano worked for IBM Corporation. He joined IBM Japan in 1970 and moved to IBM Asia Pacific Corporation in 1993 as Program Manager of Governmental Programs, responsible for public policy issues such as trade, tax and telecommunications in the whole Asia Pacific region. He was named Vice President, Governmental Programs of IBM Asia Pacific Corporation in January 2003 with responsibility for public policy issue management. With an organization realignment of IBM Corporation, Mr. Asano served as Vice President, Governmental Programs of IBM Japan in 2006 to focus on public policy issue management in Japan. He retired from IBM Japan in 2007.

Mr. Asano is a Minister-appointed policy expert in the committee of standardization policy and digital content distribution policy under the InfoCom Advisory Council of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Born in Osaka, Mr. Asano received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Waseda University in 1970.

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