Vocal Empowerment for Emerging Leaders

While individuals often spend a lot of time selecting the appropriate verbal and visual cues to create a confident and credible self-image, the power of an excellent vocal performance is often overlooked. On Monday, July 7th Dr. Laura Sicola led a workshop cosponsored by GlobalWIN and Mercator XXI focused on vocal empowerment for women in leadership. Dr. Sicola is the Founder and President of Vocal Impact Productions, a firm committed to helping individuals leverage the delivery of their words to become more effective speakers. The room was packed with Washington professionals eager to learn how to improve their vocal presence. Throughout the session, Dr. Sicola explained techniques to help participants command a room, connect with their target audience, and close deals; a skill set she termed “the 3Cs”.

Dr. Sicola’s presentation underlined how “strategic tonality” makes a bigger impression than word choice in conversations of all sizes and contexts. Participants learned how to harness the power of their voice to improve their message delivery and ensure their points are heard and that their audience listens. Dr. Sicola emphasized how individuals of all ages can utilize different voice elements to reflect their personal qualities and further their career development.

During a time when there are only 23 female CEOS of Fortune 500 companies and 98 women serving as voting members across both chambers in the 113th United States Congress, Dr. Sicola’s unique insights and advice on what leadership sounds like and how to get there were both valuable and easy to implement.[1],[2]

To learn more about Dr. Sicola’s work watch her TED talk here or visit Vocal Impact Productions.

[1] Rani Molla, “Meet the Women CEOs of the Fortune 500,” The Wall Street Journal, Mar 7, 2014 (http://blogs.wsj.com/atwork/2014/03/07/meet-the-women-ceos-of-the-fortune-500)
[2] Ashley Parker, “Day of Records and Firsts as 113th Congress Opens,” The New York Times, Jan 3, 2013 (http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/04/us/first-day-of-113th-congress-brings-more-women-to-capitol.html)