Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

The dynamics of the global economy pressure companies to create business value in globally efficient ways. Transparency requires organizations to care about their “Reputational Quality.”

In an era of globalization and increased transparency, the “new normal,” and in fact, the new opportunity for business is to create shared value that addresses societal needs. Societies and governments expect more engaged and visible partnerships from companies. Successful companies that meet this expectation gain market access, management freedom of action, and “top line” growth.Mercator XXI helps clients leverage CSR to advance growth strategies and build reputational quality.

In its traditional form, Corporate Social Responsibility is more than philanthropy. In addition to philanthropy, CSR considers compliance and risk management, environmental sustainability and community engagement.  Many companies are comfortable practicing CSR at this level; however the strategic approach that Mercator XXI offers, builds a new platform for building trust in communities while generating new sources of revenue.

Mercator XXI’s Strategic CSR platform places societal needs at the center of a CSR strategy.  We then match those needs to the needs of the business. As we chronicle the serious issues across the globe, our experience teaches us that the expertise, resources and talent within a business positions it to understand these problems and implement adaptive solutions.Strategic CSR is the new nexus between business value and reputational quality.

Mercator XXI expertise marries the capabilities of a business with societal needs. The result is a new level of value creation: it is a win-win that gives a company a true competitive advantage.

Our Strategic CSR Services: