Market Access and Market Research

There has been a rebalancing of economic assets around the world. The debtor nations of the 20th century are increasingly the fastest growing markets of the 21st century, and in many cases, the new donor nations. No longer is economic demand in these markets solely tied to demand in the traditional G-7 countries. For example, new “independent” growth is taking place in and between China, India, Africa, and the Middle East.

Interaction with government has changed dramatically in recent years. While there are new opportunities in the marketplace, many organizations are having trouble getting integrated into new distribution systems, and finding ways to tap into global markets. In order for globalization to have a positive effect on economies at all levels, companies need to find ways to integrate themselves into these new markets. For example, national agendas are being developed around the world. Organizations must not only be aligned with these national agendas, but relevant to them if they are going to access these new and different growth opportunities. This is true for developed and developing countries.

Mercator XXI, LLC will help you see and understand these new growth patterns and execute strategies to take advantage of them.