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    Egyptian Engineering Day
  • The Egyptian Engineering Day (EED) has become one of the main annual gatherings for engineers in Egypt. It was held for the 8th year on August 1-3, 2009, with support from Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications & Information Technology, Dr. Hany Helal, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, and Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Minister of State for Administrative Development. The event is an opportunity for engineering professionals to meet new associates in the field, share ideas, discuss current issues, and collaborate on projects. The event features an exhibition of over 200 graduation projects from engineering schools all over Egypt.

    The slogan for EED 2009 was “Bringing Innovation to Life”, making the event a message to the young engineering community about the important of innovation to economic development and their role in making it a reality. Mercator XXI, LLC participated in EED 2009 with 2 activities, in addition to being on the judging panel for a student projects competition. The first activity was a workshop entitled “Enabling the Global Entrepreneur and Innovator”, delivered by Christopher Caine, President & CEO, Mercator XXI, LLC. The workshop focused on drawing attention to the opportunity inherent in today’s changing global economy, motivating the entrepreneur to take this opportunity and think about business in a global context. The workshop included an exercise in which attendees formed groups and reviewed a country’s national agenda, and then delivered a short presentation describing a business they would create and what their business model and strategy would be in their selected country.

    Hesham Wahby, Principal for Egypt & Middle East, Mercator XXI, LLC moderated a separate panel session entitled “Life as an Entrepreneur”. In this session, three successful young Egyptian entrepreneurs, in various fields of technology and in different stages of their entrepreneurial careers, were invited to participate and share their experiences. The panelists related how they came to start their own business, and the problems they faced throughout their endeavor. The panelists were also asked to discuss how life as an entrepreneur in Egypt compares to being an entrepreneur abroad, and what the main issues to keep in mind are when starting an innovative technology business in Egypt.

    Copies of the videos for both sessions are available by contacting Mercator XXI, LLC.