Our Services

Government Relations and Public Policy

Mercator XXI, LLC helps you execute your organization’s objectives to engage the global economy in developed and emerging countries. Governments around the world are having a significantly more prominent economic role. Do you have a plan and a capacity to operate in this environment?

Market Access and Market Research

With globalization has come a rebalancing of economic assets and growth. New opportunities exist as do new challenges. Do you have an understanding of these trends? Can you access new growth areas in a sustainable way?

Innovation-Driven Economic Development

Countries, cities, communities, and companies are engaged in a competition to differentiate themselves in the global economy. Creating an atmosphere and environment for robust innovation and entrepreneurship are the key ingredients for success in the 21st century. Are you ready?

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

In an era of globalization and increasing transparency, the “new normal” for business is to create shared value that addresses societal needs and company growth. To gain market access and management flexibility, societies and governments expect more engaged and visible partnerships from companies. Do you have a plan that adapts to these changing marketplace dynamics? Does your corporate brand and behavior earn stakeholder’s trust and deliver results?